Handmade icon painting of Saints Isidore

You are viewing: Χειροποίητη εικόνα αγιογραφίας Άγιοι Ισίδωροι 50x70x2.0cm

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Hand painted icon of Agios Isidoros 50x70x2.0cm


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Handmade icon painting of Saints Isidore. Crafted in natural wood, the image has a blue background and the halos of Agios Isidoros are with 22k gold leaves, its colors are from natural materials in the form of powder. The back and the surrounding walls of the image are painted with tile color.

The image has been created in our workshop entirely by hand by the hagiographer Angelos.

All our images have a lifetime warranty! Each image on the back has a certification stamp with seal wax

In our workshop we have the opportunity to create all the images, with themes and representations from the Life of Our Lady, our Christ and all our Saints. You have the opportunity to express your desire and we can paint the Image of your liking in any size you want. For orders or information, call us at the store or fill out the contact form

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Dimensions 50 × 2,0 × 70 cm

Delivery up to 30 days




Marine plywood

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